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本文摘要:Stepping up to the counter to order a Big Mac is so yesterday.顾客在麦当劳前台匆匆忙忙出售巨无霸的日子将要沦为过去。


Stepping up to the counter to order a Big Mac is so yesterday.顾客在麦当劳前台匆匆忙忙出售巨无霸的日子将要沦为过去。McDonalds is finally getting with the modern times and has started pilot testing a mobile app that lets customers place food orders with their phones for in-restaurant or drive-through pickup.麦当劳再一追赶了现代社会的步伐,开始展开手机应用于的测试,顾客可以通过手机应用于在店内点餐或点店内。Last Wednesday, 29 restaurants in Monterey and Salinas, California have begun accepting mobile ordering and payment through the McDonalds app.上周三,29家坐落于加利福尼亚州蒙特雷市和萨利纳斯市的麦当劳餐厅宣告,顾客可以通过手机应用于订餐并缴纳餐费。McDonalds plans to expand the pilot test program to 51 more restaurants in Spokane, Washington, and then to 14,000 U.S. restaurants and about 6,000 locations spread across Canada, China, the UK, France, Germany and Australia by the end of the year.麦当劳计划于将应用于测试推展至华盛顿州斯波肯市的51家餐厅,然后是全美总计14000家餐厅,并在年底前更进一步推展至遍及加拿大﹑中国﹑英国﹑法国﹑德国和澳大利亚等地的大约6000家连锁店。

While you might be thinking finally, nailing down the logistics for mobile ordering and payments for a fast-food franchise as huge as McDonalds isnt as easy as it sounds.对于麦当劳这样的快餐业巨头,定案手机应用于订餐和缴纳的物流工作毕竟听得一起这般轻而易举。Jim Sappington, McDonalds executive vice president of operations, digital and technology, says its completely redesigning kitchens in order speed up order flow and give customers an experience thats clearly better.麦当劳负责管理运营﹑数字和技术业务的副总裁吉姆·萨平顿回应,该技术改造了厨房,使之适应环境大大减缓的订单流,获取“毫无疑问更加杰出”的顾客体验。Theyre thinking about everything, from how to time meal preparation in order to ensure food isnt cold to making sure customers arent stuck waiting for their orders when they arrive for pickup.麦当劳考虑到了方方面面,比如调配食物的打算时间以免食物变凉,保证车主会因等候订单而导致交通堵塞等问题均在此列。

We cant impact the speed or the quality of our food, Sappington says.萨平顿回应:“我们无法(因手机订餐)影响食品的制作速度和品质。