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本文摘要:IBM has unveiled a microscopic computer thats small enough to slip through a salt shaker.国际商业机器公司(IBM)近日发售了一款小到能从盐瓶中杯子的微型电脑。


IBM has unveiled a microscopic computer thats small enough to slip through a salt shaker.国际商业机器公司(IBM)近日发售了一款小到能从盐瓶中杯子的微型电脑。The company announced the creation of the worlds smallest computer can monitor, analyze, communicate and even act on data.该公司声称,这款全球大于电脑的问世不仅可以“监控、分析、互相交换数据”,甚至可以“根据数据采取行动”。Though the size is rather small, its a mighty bit of hardware that has the computing power of an x86 chip. And the device will cost less than ten cents to manufacture.尽管微型电脑的尺寸非常迷你,但它强劲的硬件条件使其享有相等于一张“x86”芯片的计算能力,且该装置的生产成本还将近10美分。

And this is only the start. Soon, this type of hardware will make it in to many more products, claims the company.该公司称之为,这意味着是开始。旋即之后,这种类型的硬件将不会转入更好的产品中。Within the next five years, cryptographic anchors - such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt - will be embedded in everyday objects and devices, said IBM head of research Arvind Krishna.IBM公司研究部主管阿尔温德·克里希纳称之为:“不出有五年,像墨点大小的密码锚定机制或比盐粒还小的电脑将被映射到日常用品和各种装置中去。

”Its unclear when the tiny computer will be released, and we still dont know what its exact specs are.目前还不确切这种微型电脑不会在什么时候公布,我们也不确切其清楚的规格是什么。But were supposedly looking at the future. Lets just hope someone doesnt accidentally step on it.但是我们应当侧重未来。